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Go worship the new layout. Yes it works. HAHA! I finally figured out what wrong with it. Anyway. I'm very proud of it. Steal and die.

ALSO! Get yer asses into gear and get some entries in for the challenge!!

Challenge 7!!

Anyway. I'm going to be away for about..5 days. My computer has 370 viruses! Wooo! And its getting repaired on Saturday. And by repair I mean completely wiped. So I'll be photoshop-less for a few weeks. So Miss Clare will take over (thaaaaank you for taking care of nightwishstills Clare, you are AWESOME!) I'm not even meant to be on the computer, I just wanted to show off the new layout. Ha ha XD

And it was my birthday 2 days ago, so I demand to see some damn entries coming in!!
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